The air in a building must be continually replaced, and good ventilation with a well-functioning air conditioning system is a must for a healthy indoor climate.

Nordic Climate Group helps your company and your facilities manager to create comfortable indoor conditions, going forward. We make sure that the different premises are adapted so that the climate as pleasant as possible and the air is free of particles.

Improve what you’ve got or start from scratch – you decide.

We can help you improve an existing ventilation system or install a new one. Because no two premises are alike, a unique solution is required in each case. A number of factors come into play as we help you with your ventilation system: your business activities, the number of people, heat-producing machines and sunlight, climate, weather and air pollution.

Proper ventilation also ensures more cost-effective operation. For example, major energy savings can be made by harnessing the energy from exhaust air leaving the property. Naturally, we also attend to your completed installation with scheduled service visits – to keep the air flowing flawlessly far into the future.