Refrigeration of foodstuffs

From installation to future service, we take a holistic approach to your cooling and freezing facilities. This has to work flawlessly, be aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, be environmentally certified.

Lukewarm milk, frozen crispy apples and nice warm ice lollies... or...?   

The right climate in all your spaces, and just the right temperature for your chilled and frozen goods. Nordic Climate Group has years of experience in creating the right climate and temperature for everything from small grocery stores to supermarkets. Not maintaining the right temperature can result in increased operating costs and a fluctuating temperature cycle that can contribute to uneven conditions, whatever the business. It can also impact food safety, impair the quality of ingredients and increase waste.

Cooling with sustainable refrigerants

When you engage us, you will find a wide range of high-performance professional refrigeration, freezer and cooling solutions. We also work a lot with natural refrigerants to create the most environmentally friendly function possible, to suit both your shop and consumers’ discerning demands. The installation of natural refrigerants offers many advantages; your plant will use less energy and require less servicing and maintenance.

We supply grocery stores, cafés and restaurants as well as catering kitchens and schools with the exact equipment they need. It matters to us that the solutions are financially and environmentally appropriate, and sustainable.