What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency means streamlining existing facilities either by reducing energy use or by getting more benefit from existing energy use. 

More efficient use of energy is a prerequisite for Sweden to achieve its environmental targets and create a sustainable energy system. There are many ways to reduce energy use and various technologies that provide the same benefit but use less electricity, heat or fuel.

That applies equally to industry, retail and property.

Many properties could save much more energy than they already do. From a building management point of view, energy costs account for most of the operating budget, which implies there are significant gains to be made from reducing energy usage – while increasing the service life of your installations.

Map your energy with us.

Each individual property has different conditions for potential savings, whether you choose to optimise energy use for a specific system or for an entire property. During optimisation, we ensure that no systems work against each other, that temperatures are relevant, that heat is not vented unnecessarily, and that energy-saving functions are activated and functioning as intended.

Nordic Climate Group is one of the market’s largest players in the field and has extensive experience in analysing facilities in order to develop solutions that will suit you and your property in particular.