Heat pumps

A heat pump is an investment in the future. Installing a new heat pump can lower your operating costs and streamline your energy consumption while maintaining a low environmental impact.

We plug in; you unwind.

A heat pump extracts energy from outside air, ventilation air, ground, rock or water – all environmentally friendly energy sources. In simple terms, you could say that, combined with a compressor and the correct refrigerant, it transports heat from one place to another.

Some models not only heat your home, they can also heat water for a lovely shower or help keep the building cool on a hot summer’s day. A heat pump can create a pleasant climate in many ways; dust attaches to the filter, and it can even trap bacteria.

An investment in the future.

Heat pumps use relatively little electricity to extract energy and transfer it to the heating system of the house, so a heat pump can significantly reduce energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption will repay your investment in the long term, while you continue to save money.

Market-leading heat pump suppliers.

Nordic Climate Group cooperates with market-leading suppliers, all of which have a wide range of heat pumps, including Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Thermia. We’ll help you find the option that best suits your requirements, whether you’re capturing heat for the pump from the air, the ground or nearby waterways.

For a long service life, we will assist you with servicing post-installation.