Service contract

We understand the importance of everyday operations and plan all the servicing for you.

An outage can cause major financial damage. We offer service agreements to minimise this risk, whether for your heat pump service, cooling service or ventilation service. Once the system has been commissioned, proper servicing and maintenance are essential to avoid unplanned downtime.

Annual inspection

If you are a professional operator or own/manage refrigerant equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning or have a heat pump above a certain threshold of filling, you must report your refrigerant management annually. We are happy to help you perform leak checks and keep track of when it’s time to submit a report.

Our goal is to always be able to offer the best service with a high level of flexibility. We provide independent, knowledgeable service technicians for preventive maintenance and care to help reduce running costs while increasing operational reliability. We ensure compliance with all laws and regulations in force upon installation without you having to think about anything at all.