Comfort cooling

We know the importance of the right climate and temperature – in offices and meeting places, in computer halls and server rooms, and in large public settings such as schools and hospitals.

Hot and cold where you want it to be.

Comfort cooling can be explained as the cooling used to remove excess heat from buildings to maintain the correct indoor temperature. In the case of a planned installation of comfort cooling, we always also investigate alternative measures. Examples of alternative measures may include installing blinds or measures to harness energy production processes by means of segregation, insulation and separate ventilation.

The importance of the right comfort cooling.

There are many benefits to getting comfort cooling right at a plant. We know it’s important to be able to regulate the temperature; our bodies tell us this by sending out clear signals when something isn’t right, e.g. it’s too hot. High temperatures cause the air to feel heavy, and the heat can cause fatigue and impair your work.

When we review suitable solutions for your property, we also check whether we can use the same units to heat the property during the winter months. Just like heat, cold can be stressful for the working environment. 

We ensure you have the right temperature at the right time.